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  With stories linking the CEO Jack Dorsey to an early exit of his prospectively short ‘permanent’ role at Twitter, what does it take for a social media platform to really perform? Despite posting a rise in revenue for three months to September, “pace of growth in active users was the slowest since it joined […]

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Google has been ordered by the Information Commissioner’s office to remove links to news stories about the “Right to be forgotten” rulings that took place, that include the details Google was ordered to remove in the first place. Bad reviews or negative content can be a scar on search results for your business. So no […]

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  Confused by Google’s ongoing change from Destination to Final URL? It’s not surprising. True to form, Google implement a major change requiring agencies to devote a huge number of man hours and barely even a communication other than the normal vague announcements. Just to clarify, this is what you can expect: Destination URLs will […]

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SEO in plain English

31, Jul 2015

If you’re a business owner and don’t know what SEO is, you’ve come to the right place. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, much like Ronseal “does exactly what it says on the tin”. SEO is the practice of making sure a business ticks all of the right boxes to make the Search Engine gods at Google, […]

When trusted with marketing you are responsible for the final touch to a great deal of work. If all the other facets of the business are taken care of, then the first thing to get the blame for poor sales, is marketing. Knowing that you’re the last one in, and first one out when a […]

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Living in Southern California has its perks and its down falls. However facing a limited water supply because of the historic drought is not the main concern of this ‘Soccer’ fan. This Sunday as I couldn’t see the Manchester derby live, I spent the morning ignoring my smartphone and computer, like a modern day version of the […]

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The internet, during its relatively short life, was born a republic and and has been transformed into a sovereignty. Tim Berners-Lee kindly gifted the World Wide Web to us all, free of charge and from then on a power battle has been waged by the great powers. At the beginning of 2015 it’s clear that […]

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A customer calls up to ask for help and is told that you’re too busy. He asks you a question and you ask if he’s deaf. He pulls out his phone, searches “your business” and writes exactly what he thinks of you and your business in brilliantly brutal and concise words for the entire World […]

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Global Social Networking sensation Facebook has been used predominantly to date by individuals. And plenty of them. And what do you get wherever large numbers of eyeballs congregate? Answer, adverts.  But that doesn’t automatically mean that Facebook is a great advertising platform for everybody. And it doesn’t mean that Facebook Ads are the only way […]

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Nothing amazes me more than the incredibly poorly implemented campaigns that we regularly compete with in Google Adwords. OK, some campaigns are implemented at a very high level by the end user. The user establishes a basic campaign and pays through the nose for ineffective “head” keywords that don’t convert to business. But they save […]

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