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  Confused by Google’s ongoing change from Destination to Final URL? It’s not surprising. True to form, Google implement a major change requiring agencies to devote a huge number of man hours and barely even a communication other than the normal vague announcements. Just to clarify, this is what you can expect: Destination URLs will […]

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Living in Southern California has its perks and its down falls. However facing a limited water supply because of the historic drought is not the main concern of this ‘Soccer’ fan. This Sunday as I couldn’t see the Manchester derby live, I spent the morning ignoring my smartphone and computer, like a modern day version of the […]

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The internet, during its relatively short life, was born a republic and and has been transformed into a sovereignty. Tim Berners-Lee kindly gifted the World Wide Web to us all, free of charge and from then on a power battle has been waged by the great powers. At the beginning of 2015 it’s clear that […]

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Nothing amazes me more than the incredibly poorly implemented campaigns that we regularly compete with in Google Adwords. OK, some campaigns are implemented at a very high level by the end user. The user establishes a basic campaign and pays through the nose for ineffective “head” keywords that don’t convert to business. But they save […]

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Facebook  is the new frontier for everybody from individuals to companies, entrepreneurs, consultants and, recently, unfortunately, the online advertising cowboys. As in search marketing, any investment in social media marketing needs to be researched and then approached with clear goals in mind. And then it needs to be monitored and optimised. If you’re able to […]

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