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  With stories linking the CEO Jack Dorsey to an early exit of his prospectively short ‘permanent’ role at Twitter, what does it take for a social media platform to really perform? Despite posting a rise in revenue for three months to September, “pace of growth in active users was the slowest since it joined […]

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Google has been ordered by the Information Commissioner’s office to remove links to news stories about the “Right to be forgotten” rulings that took place, that include the details Google was ordered to remove in the first place. Bad reviews or negative content can be a scar on search results for your business. So no […]

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The internet, during its relatively short life, was born a republic and and has been transformed into a sovereignty. Tim Berners-Lee kindly gifted the World Wide Web to us all, free of charge and from then on a power battle has been waged by the great powers. At the beginning of 2015 it’s clear that […]

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Global Social Networking sensation Facebook has been used predominantly to date by individuals. And plenty of them. And what do you get wherever large numbers of eyeballs congregate? Answer, adverts.  But that doesn’t automatically mean that Facebook is a great advertising platform for everybody. And it doesn’t mean that Facebook Ads are the only way […]

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Facebook  is the new frontier for everybody from individuals to companies, entrepreneurs, consultants and, recently, unfortunately, the online advertising cowboys. As in search marketing, any investment in social media marketing needs to be researched and then approached with clear goals in mind. And then it needs to be monitored and optimised. If you’re able to […]

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