Your Questions Answered

Why is Facebook advertising so powerful?

Facebook is becoming the de facto method of online communication. The myriad of Facebook user options and applications have created a platform that has become compulsive for a huge majority of the UK’s online population of all ages.

What do you require from the advertiser?

Once you have agreed to advertise, a brief chat with our production team is all that is required to get your campaign up and running. So a member of the team will give you a call and your advert will be live on Facebook within 3 business days. We will discuss briefly your targeting and advert creative options. Then we’ll use our marketing skills to build and launch the perfect campaign for your business needs. If you wish to supply artwork for the advert that’s fine, although naturally it may affect the time it takes for us to make your ad live if any delays occur on your side.

What if I want to change my advert?

We can amend any aspect of your advert creative or any element of the targeting at any time and there is no charge for doing so. Just contact us at any time.

What if I want to cancel my campaign?

You can cancel your campaign at any time and we will create no further invoices nor take any further payments. Your campaign will continue to run until the end of the current month and will then automatically be paused. It can then be restarted at any time.

What do you mean by “targeted advertising”?

Facebook have developed their advertising platform to allow their users to receive carefully targeted adverts. So whoever you wish to target, from “male students in Aberdeen” to “Female Marketing Managers in London”, we use our experience and knowledge to build the perfect campaign for your business.

What does “15,000 impressions per month” actually mean?

This refers to the minimum number of times that your advert will be shown to your target audience. We use our skills to ensure that your advert is served to the largest possible target demographic. And the more impressions, the greater the volume of business that you are likely to generate.