Terms and Conditions of Service

The company or individual placing the order is referred to in this document as “The Buyer”. SearchVista will be “The Seller”.

SearchVista agree to provide the Buyer with a Facebook  advertising campaign designed around the particular demographics agreed with the Buyer at the point of sale.

Upon receipt of initial payment the Buyer agrees to this contract. The Buyers adverts will be activated within 3 working days of the order date, unless otherwise specified by the buyer or seller at point of sale. All advertisements are subject to Facebook policies which can be found at www.facebook.com.

Guaranteed impressions stated by the Seller are based on three specific Facebook targeting criteria: Age, Gender and Location which may be amended at any time although this may affect guaranteed impressions. Additional criteria may be used for targeting if appropriate to the particular needs of the Buyer.

The Seller cannot be held liable for copyright issues arising from any graphics supplied by the Buyer.


This contract will renew monthly, for one additional month, each calendar month, from the date of commencement of the agreement. If the renewal payment date falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the payment may be collected on the preceding Friday.

The Buyer may cancel the campaign at any time. The Seller will thereafter take no further monthly campaign renewal payments. The current advertising period will be completed and no refunds will be made. The Seller normally requires 10 working days notice of cancellation prior to the renewal date, with the exception that cancellation may be made at any time during the first month of advertising.