Terms and Conditions

Within this agreement the company or individual placing the order is referrred to as “The Buyer”. SearchVista will be “The Seller”.

Facebook ™ Advertising
SearchVista agree to provide ‘the buyer’ with a dedicated Facebook ™ advertising campaign based in demographics agreed with The Buyer at the point of sale.

Upon receipt of payment The Buyer agrees to this contract. The Buyer’s adverts will be activated within 2 working days of the order date unless otherwise specified by The Buyer or The Seller at point of sale. All advertisements placed by The Seller are subject to the Facebook advertising and user policies which can be found online at www.facebook.com/help.

The Seller cannot be held responsible for copyright issues arising from the use of graphics supplied by The Buyer or taken with the permission of The Buyer from any authorised source.

Where requested by The Buyer, The Seller will charge a fee for creating and hosting a buyer’s website. The fee will vary depending on the scope of the website. The Buyer will be billed annually on the same date and the fee will be agreed at the point of sale. If the buyer has a marketing account with The Seller, the annual fee will be waived. In the event that the buyer cancels their advertising agreement the annual fee will resume.

This contract will renew for one further month, each calendar month, from the date of entering into the agreement. If the renewal payment falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the payment will be debited on the preceding Friday.

Cancellation Of Contract
The contract can be cancelled by The Buyer at any time and by any method and no further payments shall be requested or transacted by The Seller. No refunds for existing payments will be payable and work by The Seller will continue until the end of the current month or prepaid period whichever is the longer.