Sales Consolidation Statement

I need to read you our compliance statement to make sure that you fully understand of terms and conditions of purchase. Please be aware that some calls are recorded.

SearchVista will today debit from the payment card that you supplied the amount of £[quote cost]. This represents the cost of your first month of advertising on Facebook. Once the payment has been processed, your details will be passed to our production team who will start work on your campaign. We aim to have your campaign live with 3 working days.
Your campaign will be based on the following agreed demographic targeting: [quote targeting info].
Your contact details are [quote email address], [quote phone number], [quote address].
We will email to you a paid invoice within 7 days.
Upon of receipt of your payment you have agreed to our rolling monthly contract. You can cancel your advertising at any time and by any method. We will take no further payments and shall simply allow your current advertising period to run its course. Othewise we will collect further payments once per month on the anniversary of our agreement date. Our agreement date is today, [quote current date]
We will email to you a monthly performance report report detailing the number of impressions that your advert has received.
If you need to contact us you can do by email, or by calling 01625 872800.
Can I please confirm that you are happy with our terms of service?

That’s fantastic and thank you very much indeed. You will receive a call from our production team to confirm some details for your advert.

Well, that’s it. Welcome onboard Mr [insert name]. We look forward to a long term and mutually beneficial relationship.