Compulsive Clickers and how to stop them wasting your ads budget!

13 Jan

You have to hand it to Google

Love them or hate them, Google are doing a great job with Google Garage. I was passing their store on King Street in Manchester yesterday. It struck me that I tend to spend a reasonable amount of time complaining about various aspects of working with Google Adwords platform, so maybe

22 Dec

The No.1 Crucial SEO Tip for 2019 – Topic Clusters

As always, your approach to every SEO challenge must start with carefully selected keyword phrase targets based on achievability, volume and commercial relevance. This should be quickly followed by a robust and smart content strategy, preferably built from the top down around Topic (or Content) Clusters. What’s a Topic Cluster

15 Dec

Landing Pages or Home Page for Paid Advertising Visits?

So you have a well-optimised PPC campaign that’s bringing exactly the right type of visitors to your site via highly-relevant, exact match phrases. But are they “landing” in the best place on your site? Have you split-tested different scenarios? If you already know what a “Landing Page” is, then you

26 Mar

Good Causes

It’s no secret that we’re in the business of digital marketing, and without a thriving digital economy we couldn’t do that. We take our ethical and moral standards in our work seriously, and would love to take this opportunity to support a few worthy causes we think do a wonderful

29 Oct

What’s eating Twitter?

  With stories linking the CEO Jack Dorsey to an early exit of his prospectively short ‘permanent’ role at Twitter, what does it take for a social media platform to really perform? Despite posting a rise in revenue for three months to September, “pace of growth in active users was

06 Aug

What’s happened to Adwords text ad URL’s?

  Confused by Google’s ongoing change from Destination to Final URL? It’s not surprising. True to form, Google implement a major change requiring agencies to devote a huge number of man hours and barely even a communication other than the normal vague announcements. Just to clarify, this is what you