Why Facebook Signals The End Of Niche Print Titles

28 Mar

Why Facebook Signals The End Of Niche Print Titles

The category of print publishing that has arguably been least devastated by the ravages of online audience migration, and also therefore has retained a higher proportion of its advertising revenues, is Niche Publications. But the end is nigh. The perceived wisdom to date has been “The more niche the better”.

20 Nov

Use Facebook As A Tool To Boost Business?

Global Social Networking sensation Facebook has been used predominantly to date by individuals. And plenty of them. And what do you get wherever large numbers of eyeballs congregate? Answer, adverts.  But that doesn’t automatically mean that Facebook is a great advertising platform for everybody. And it doesn’t mean that Facebook

26 Mar

Maximise Your Adwords Quality Score

Nothing amazes me more than the incredibly poorly implemented campaigns that we regularly compete with in Google Adwords. OK, some campaigns are implemented at a very high level by the end user. The user establishes a basic campaign and pays through the nose for ineffective “head” keywords that don’t convert

13 Nov

Using A Blog Network For SEO Value

If you’re wondering why your SEO Agency hasn’t managed to satisfactorily improve your Google ranking, ask them if they have promoted links back to the site within a blog network. If they give you a blank look, see them off the premises (or phone) and call SearchVista. The value of

06 Nov

Exploit Free Google Local Business Centre Listings

Google Local Business listings are completely FREE and they promote your business for various keyphrases in your local area. They also push your business name and they include a map and contact details. But many businesses do not take advantage. SearchVista deploy managed local business centre listings routinely for all

20 Sep

Never Forget the SEO Basics

As you delve deeper and deeper into the wonderful world of SEO, it’s sometimes helpful to remember the basic tenets of successful on-page optimisation. It amazes me how often I see pages that have clearly been optimised, for example for main keywords plus geographic terms, yet omit to exploit the

10 Sep

Our First Post

Welcome to the new SearchVista website and the first SearchVista Blog Post. We’ll endeavour to share our knowledge of SEO, PPC and WordPress development through our blog.