01 Aug

Google Algorithm And What it Means for SEO

Google Algorithm And What It Means For SEO

Unless like us you’re involved in Search Engine Optimisation, you may think that Google’s secret formula, otherwise known as “the Google Algorithm“, isn’t anything of great concern to you and your website. But actually, the algorithm can have a big impact on your business – both positively and negatively. In

22 Dec

The No.1 Crucial SEO Tip for 2019 – Topic Clusters

As always, your approach to every SEO challenge must start with carefully selected keyword phrase targets based on achievability, volume and commercial relevance. This should be quickly followed by a robust and smart content strategy, preferably built from the top down around Topic (or Content) Clusters. What’s a Topic Cluster

29 Oct

What’s eating Twitter?

  With stories linking the CEO Jack Dorsey to an early exit of his prospectively short ‘permanent’ role at Twitter, what does it take for a social media platform to really perform? Despite posting a rise in revenue for three months to September, “pace of growth in active users was

31 Jul

SEO in plain English

If you’re a business owner and don’t know what SEO is, you’ve come to the right place. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation, much like Ronseal “does exactly what it says on the tin”. SEO is the practice of making sure a business ticks all of the right boxes to make the

15 Apr

Google ruined my Sunday, could it ruin yours?

Living in Southern California has its perks and its down falls. However facing a limited water supply because of the historic drought is not the main concern of this ‘Soccer’ fan. This Sunday as I couldn’t see the Manchester derby live, I spent the morning ignoring my smartphone and computer, like a

18 Dec

How the Internet will make honest men out of us all.

A customer calls up to ask for help and is told that you’re too busy. He asks you a question and you ask if he’s deaf. He pulls out his phone, searches “your business” and writes exactly what he thinks of you and your business in brilliantly brutal and concise