Facebook Clash With Apple Leads To Potential Antitrust Lawsuit

Facebook has clashed with Apple over the user privacy changes to iOS 14, but thus far has agreed to acquiesce to the terms. Facebook claims that Apple abused its power in the smartphone market by forcing app developers to abide by App Store rules that Apple’s own apps don’t have to follow.”

The upcoming requirement of iOS14 that apps collect affirmative user consent (via an Apple-crafted pop-up) before engaging in any tracking of the device’s unique identification number has been the fire starter of the dispute. As Apple’s apps tend to be preinstalled, there is no window for consent to be collected and there has yet to be an indication that Apple will implement some sort of special solution to maintain parity with third-party developers. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that the change could cause an immediate loss of 7% of the company’s total revenue.

Reports from inside Facebook indicate that Zuckerberg is on the warpath and looking to “inflict pain” on Apple, going so far as to forbid Facebook staff from using Apple devices at work. Facebook appears to increasingly see Apple as a direct competitor rather than partner.