Fundraising for UK Sports Clubs ...

Fundraising for sports clubs is frequently hard and typically relies on the diligence and devotion of certain key individuals. By joining the Searchvista Affiliate Fundraising Partnership there’s a way for everybody in the club to get involved. What’s more, both the club members and also the club itself can be rewarded for doing so.

Searchvista work in partnership with local sports and social clubs to aid their fundraising activities. Our business is the internet. We help all sizes of firms with their online marketing on Google, Bing, Facebook and elsewhere. We build, design and optimise websites and social media pages and we create adverts and content to target high value traffic.

We offer clubs a way to make money by rewarding the club for every package sold by a member … plus the member benefits too as their subscriptions to the club are paid by Searchvista and they can receive additional rewards in the form of Free Kit and accessories!

How it works

  1. A nominated contact from the club contacts Searchvista and we explain the process fully.
  2. We provide materials and information to circulate to club members and, if possible, we attend a club meeting to brief officials and members/players. We are always available for any questions.
  3. Club members generate enquiries for Searchvista which we follow up and convert to new customers.
  4. For each new Searchvista customer, the club is rewarded with 20% ongoing monthly commission and the player is rewarded with payment of club subscriptions and free sports kit depending on the number of referrals made.

Case Study

Having partnered with Searchvista, a North West sports club has told all players, officials and parents about Searchvista and the various Internet marketing packages that are available. Players and officials were encouraged to show these packages to friends, relatives and other contacts that advertise online, or that could or should advertise online.

Searchvista staff provided advice and answered any questions. We approached potential customers directly to maximise the chances of success. Of course, the club must have spoken to the lead source first and that person must have agreed to the call.

Before long the first packages had been sold and the club was benefiting from the 20% commission payable. Club members facilitated the sale of 7 packages in all. So the club were eventually receiving around £1000 commission per month. All paid monthly as customer funds are received.

Not only that, the successful  club members have received their rewards. Each club member that was successful had his annual subscription to the club paid by Searchvista. Two successes and match subs were also paid for the whole season. Three successes and the player also received a voucher for £200 of sportswear.

Best of all, the referred businesses also win. Because Searchvista’s online marketing packages are tried and tested. We have gained an extremely strong reputation by ONLY providing work for customers that we think will help them to sell more of their products and services and enhance their reputation and footprint.

Interested? Enquire now by filling out our Fundraising enquiry form below or call 0161 408 2082 for a no-obligation chat.

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