Landing Pages or Home Page for Paid Advertising Visits?

So you have a well-optimised PPC campaign that’s bringing exactly the right type of visitors to your site via highly-relevant, exact match phrases. But are they “landing” in the best place on your site? Have you split-tested different scenarios?

If you already know what a “Landing Page” is, then you may also be aware of the long running debate as to whether PPC visits from search engines, affiliates, social media, directories or elsewhere, should arrive on your site home page or on a bespoke landing page.

We’re talking here about two are very different animals and your ROI from digital marketing may well be suffering if you are failing to make the right choices Searchvista are well versed in the differences between the two and will be able to maximise the value of your incoming site visits by deploying the most effective solution.

This post will explain which of the two may be best for your own PPC efforts.

Home Page and Landing Page Definitions

Your Home Page is the root of your website which sits at the top of your page hierarchy. It provides visitors with a clear view of the products or services that you offer along with supplementary information. It serves as the root page of your site, allowing visitors to navigate through various sections and pages, often facilitating return visits to the home page to continue your journey across the site as a whole.

Your home page should clearly signpost your main products allowing visitors intuitively to continue their user journey in the most straightforward way. If a user has to search for something on your home page then the page often has failed to do its job properly. For many websites a shorter time spent on the page is a good indicator, as long as the visitor has clicked to visit another page or section on your site.

A Landing Page is a single, dedicated web page intended entirely to focus the visitor on performing a predefined action. This action we refer to as a “conversion”. A conversion is an indicator of value from the visit. So that may be that the user fills out an enquiry form, or maybe clicks to see contact details, download a pdf or similar.

There are several different types of landing page that can be deployed and it is vital to select the correct type of landing page for your own objective in order to encourage as many visitors as possible into the sales funnel. Many PPC companies use a single style of landing page. Others may offer a couple of variations. But the truth is that there are an unlimited number of options. Leadpages for example have 15 types of landing pages that they have highlighted.

Objectives for Your Landing Page

Landing pages encourage action and fewer choices encourage decision making. Quite different to the requirement for your home page which needs to showcase a wide range of options. So whilst accepting that there are a various landing page types dependent on your overall goal, you will find that the majority of landing pages are clearly directing the visitor to a single action. Think of it as a funnel with everything directed to a single goal.


Once you have a well managed and optimised PPC campaign, effective Landing Pages are probably the single most valuable aspect when looking to improve your return. Searchvista are skilled in the creation and deployment of split-tested landing pages so speak to us for a no-obligation discussion of how we can use Landing Pages to maximise your ROI from paid online marketing.