The Latest Adwords Outrage

I can’t actually believe that I’m writing this, because even being well aware of Google’s ability to maximise share price directly by reducing adwords campaign efficiency for it’s users, this one really takes the biscuit.

We all know that the best return on investment from Adwords is when a campaign is highly optimised with ads showing only on the Search network. So what is this Display Select all about? It’s about reducing the value that you currently enjoy by showing your ads in an allegedly intelligent way on sites where the user had no intention to search for your product.

So next time those nice support people and account executives at Google tell you to try it, tell them where to go. Even tech support staff are coming back with the Display Select “recommendation”. Two things really top this shocking episode off:

1. When adding Display Select, you haven’t been warned that you are allowing Google to set automated bids – NIGHTMARE!

2. Some campaigns will be switched to Display Select automatically!

Incredible. A new low in my honest opinion.

I’m sure that Sergey Brin would disapprove wholeheartedly, if that is his shares that he still holds hadn’t recently passed the $30bn mark.