The right to be forgotten has the right to be forgotten too!

Google has been ordered by the Information Commissioner’s office to remove links to news stories about the “Right to be forgotten” rulings that took place, that include the details Google was ordered to remove in the first place. Bad reviews or negative content can be a scar on search results for your business. So no wonder the ‘Right to be forgotten’ is such an important ruling for the European Union. If you’d like to know exactly what the ruling means and how it was reached you can read the fact sheet from the European Commission here.
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Can you imagine a World where nothing was forgotten? Where every regrettable interaction anyone had could be found and seen by everyone anytime. It wouldn’t make for a great introduction.
“Hi I’m Stan, I used to steal Mars bars from my local paper shop. But now I’m a great Financial advisor.”

A search for Robert Downey Jnr would end up a long way from Iron Man, we assure you. There wouldn’t be any rumours about Chris Evans presenting Top Gear. Before being a blog writer and online reputation manager I once entered a school talent show, my act was lip syncing and dancing to East 17’s ‘smash hit’ Steam. Although I am glad that this wouldn’t show up in Search results for my name, those year 5 girls didn’t know what hit them!

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So what kind of a first impression are you making on your potential customers or clients? It only takes one unhappy customer to take to the internet and leave that negative feedback that can lead to a huge drop in your site traffic. Who trusts a financial advisor that stole Mars bars?! Businesses from around the World are at the mercy of the search results, but there is another way. Online reputations can be improved and negative content can be forgotten about. Search Results are all about staying current, once a result is no longer relevant it will be forgotten. So that grumbling customer from 2012 will disappear if you are working hard on an online presence. Creating new engaging content and spreading the word through social media, that you are in fact a reliable Twix eating Financial Advisor can mean that your Mars eating dark days are well behind you.