5 Truths that Marketing Directors need to come to terms with.

When trusted with marketing you are responsible for the final touch to a great deal of work. If all the other facets of the business are taken care of, then the first thing to get the blame for poor sales, is marketing. Knowing that you’re the last one in, and first one out when a company considers its budget, it’s high time to get smart and face up to these truths, that can make you worth more than your penny.


Not everyone will be your customer.

The internet is not the place for fishing. There’s too much information to just aimlessly cast out a net and hope to catch something. Marketers must be specific. You need to know exactly who your customers are before you begin marketing. Once you know who they are, you know how and where to find them.


Marketing without Data is like Driving

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Once you dip your toe in the data that’s available your marketing approaches will really see the benefits. Targeting key words in search that simply don’t convert will waste your time, but intelligent distribution of your budget will lead to a much better return on your investments. Also you must pay attention to social activity, if your targets aren’t tweeting when you are, you could be missing a beat. Custom design your marketing campaigns to target who and what you want, when and how you want.


Constant Exchange

Having 100,000 followers and likes is great. You’re consistently reaching an interested audience, and happy that you’re building the brand you’ve dreamed of.  But I’m afraid to break it to you, all it takes is one comment or unhappy customer to shatter those dreams. Some well timed comments featuring a few biting truths can destroy you’re online reputation much quicker than it took you to build it!


Failure is simply the opportunity to

So you invested a large amount of your budget in a campaign that fell flat on it’s nose. Its time to take stock of what you were sharing, was it interesting enough? Who were you targeting? Why did it fail? The truth is you never lose, only win or learn.



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Unfortunately you are not the only spokesperson for your brand. The whole World has Twitter and Facebook and you’ve heard the problem about opinions and assholes, everybody’s got one. Branding is no longer what you tell the World about your company, its what the World says about your company. An interesting example, sadly for McDonalds, not everybody is ‘loving it’.