Using A Blog Network For SEO Value

If you’re wondering why your SEO Agency hasn’t managed to satisfactorily improve your Google ranking, ask them if they have promoted links back to the site within a blog network. If they give you a blank look, see them off the premises (or phone) and call SearchVista. The value of a well constructed blog network cannot be overstated.

Website Authority is all important. And the only way that Google can measure this for a given keyphrase is to check out if other sites have rated the site by linking to it. So, by artificially creating a network of links back to your site from a network of blogs, you can guess what happens. And the more you add content to the network, the more authority the network is credited with.

A trusted site will have lasting impact for search engine result page positioning and Search Engine spiders will more frequently crawl your site.
The defining point for websites is the amount of authority or expertise they demonstrate in their particular niche.

The information you post on your blog network must be factual and accurate and it must contain all of your relevant keywords within anchor text of the links back to your articles.

Create blogs on different blog platforms using different user names. Passwords can be the same. It’s all about putting in the hard work and generating relevant and interesting content. Then submit the blog to search engines and in particular blog search engines. Comment on other relevant blog posts and generally get busy.

Next – use social media to thrust yourself into other conversations, contribute with helpful information, ask questions and make sure you think long term. Your authority building is not an over-night thing.

Start with Twitter, Facebook, and search for related blogs within your niche. Use Google’s Blogsearch and Technorati.